Sydney Swans x QBE


QBE Insurance is the longest running sponsor of any sporting team in history. To celebrate their long standing partnership with the Australian AFL Team Sydney Swans the campaign ‘Your QBE Swans Story’ was created for die hard fans to learn more about iconic moments in the clubs history.

Fans could upload personal information into the app about their favourite historical moments in the sport to recieve a bespoke animated video highlighting these treasured memories.

I created 50 illustrations of key players and moments in the game that were then animated and comped into live archival footage were fans could use the Swans App where fans can share a summary video of their Swans Story.


Since graduating from Billy Blue School of Graphic Design in 2005 Robbie has continually worked in the design industry across a wide range of agencies and studios. Resulting in extensive brand and design experience over a range of disciplines.

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