Skyn is one of the world’s largest intimate product brands. They are a major sponsor for the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney.

I worked on their latest campaign ‘Public Display of Pride’ as Art Director and Designer. The campaign was designed to challenge the publics unconscious bias by using digital billboard across the country showing a distorted silhouette of two people kissing, the silhouette dissolves to reveal a same sex couple. The campaign was then translated into a live interactive event at the Pre Mardi Gras event ‘Field Day’ where the public could enter a photobooth with their partner and re enact the visual. A selection of these public images were broadcase live across the country onto billboards.


Since graduating from Billy Blue School of Graphic Design in 2005 Robbie has continually worked in the design industry across a wide range of agencies and studios. Resulting in extensive brand and design experience over a range of disciplines.

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