Robbie, a Graphic Designer and Creative Director
based in New York city.

Dedicating 17 years to the ever-evolving world of design. As a graduate of the Billy Blue School of Graphic Design with a Bachelor's degree in Communication of Design, Robbie's deep-seated passion for his craft has been a guiding light throughout his career. Despite residing in the epicenter of design, he sees himself as a collaborative participant rather than a driving force, emphasizing a genuine fondness for branding, packaging, and illustration.

Throughout his diverse career, Robbie has had the privilege of contributing to various creative agencies, including VMLYR New York, JKR Global, Turner Duckworth, Octagon, Landor, BMF, and DDB. His talents have also found a home in in-house roles at Optus, Deloitte, and Humm, where he lent his skills to support their internal design needs. Noteworthy is Robbie's venture into entrepreneurship, where he founded the Famous Soda Co. in Australia. He served as the Creative Director for five years, playing a part in the brand's success and expansion into international markets.



Since graduating from Billy Blue School of Graphic Design in 2005 Robbie has continually worked in the design industry across a wide range of agencies and studios. Resulting in extensive brand and design experience over a range of disciplines.


US +1 (929) 677-0577
AUS +61 43 882 9955